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If faux makes you think of heavy textures and bad sponge painting, we are thrilled to introduce you to the exciting and contemporary faux finish techniques available today. With unlimited colors, designs, and faux finish options to choose from, faux finishing can deliver high impact and WOW factor without taking a big bite out of your budget. 



Faux Can Be Fabulous!!!

Benefits of Faux Finishing


This stunning stencil accent wall adds the perfect

touch in this master bedroom

Glazed harlequins make this powder room

formally informal!

Just like jewelry, accessories provide the finishing touch to a room's decor.  Here's a list of some of the accessories we've painted to complete the desired look in a room:


               - Frames                                   - Lamps                                      

               - Light Fixtures                        - Switch Plates

               - Drapery Hardware               - Ceiling Fans


This metallic glazed ceiling adds drama and dimensionality

to this master bedroom

Types of Faux Finishes


  • Metallic Accents - A luxurious finish that mixes sophistication and a dash of glitz.  Radiant, fabulously fresh, and ultra cool, they are great for ceilings, walls, stair railings, columns . . . anywhere you need a touch of glamour.

  • Glazing - The most popular faux finish, glaze is a translucent liquid that can be used almost anywhere to enhance the appearance of any painted surface  from walls and ceilings to furniture and cabinets. 

  • Textures - Textured finishes add visual dimension and interest.

  • Stencils - Full wall stencils are one of the most popular trends in interior design today.  Stencils look like traditional wallpaper without the expense or hassle of wallpaper.  They can be painted any color to compliment your decor, and there are literally thousands of stencils to choose from.

  • Stripes - A timeless and classic look.  Use vertical stripes to make a room appear taller or use large, horizontal stripes to make a small area appear larger.  Bold color stripes add drama and make a statement.  Great for accent walls, kids' rooms, bathrooms, etc.

  • Harlequins - A twist on the classic stripe, harlequins can add interest and character to boring, blank walls.

  • Marbelizing - Another very popular faux finish used to transform stark plain columns and mantles into luxurious architectural features that look like expensive marble.


Faux can be Fabulous!!!


  • Transformative - Adding different colors, shapes, and designs add life and a personal touch to living spaces to make your house feel like your home. 

  • Versatile - Adds interest and personality to any space.  Adds depth and dimension to a flat surface.  Even a ceiling can be brought down or pushed upward by using a different mix of color and faux techniques.  It enhances architectural features, and almost anything can be faux finished. 

  • Functional - Can be used to correct color mistakes or hide imperfections in walls and ceilings.  Makes a large room feel cozy or a small room feel larger.

  • Unique - No two faux finishes are alike.

  • Cost Effective - Makes a major change to you home's style at an affordable cost, and it's easy to change when you're ready to change your color scheme.

  • Durable - Lasts longer than wallpaper and is easy to clean.



Don't Forget About Accessories

Benefits of Faux Finishing


Using stencils and stripes together makes

a beautiful statement in a master bathroom

Looks like real marble!

Gold and glitzy!

Painted and glazed medallion for the dining room

Previously gold, now the mirror matches the room

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