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We added a crocodile resin texture to give this table a new look

This gorgeous custom antiqued mirrored accent wall provides

a beautiful reflection of the decor and lake in the background

Do you have furniture in need of a makeover?

  • Chalk Painting - Extremely popular now, versatile and durable, it creates a unique finish and is ideal for a wide range of furniture.

  • Painting - A cost effective way to re-fashion piece of furniture. Lighter colors will help it coordinate with a room's color scheme.  Bold colors can make it the room's focal point.

  • Glazing - Glazing highlights the unique characteristics of a piece of furniture and can be done in any color.

  • Staining - Creates a rich look and helps conceal imperfections in the furniture.

  • Antiquing / Distressing - Great for making a newer piece look well worn and loved through generations of use.

  • Metallic Finishes - Precious metals aren't just found in a jewelry box.  They can turn a boring piece of furniture into a glamorous focal point.

  • Stencils - Creates a truly unique and custom look to express your personality and style.


Options for Transforming Furniture


Types of furniture we have painted

  • Beds

  • Chairs

  • Dining RoomTables

  • Breakfast Area Tables

  • Coffee Tables

  • Bedside Tables

  • Dressers

  • Desks

  • Bookcases

  • Armoires

  • Curio Cabinets

  • Sink Vanities

  • Entertainment Centers

  • Bar Stools

We all have pieces of furniture that no longer look right in our homes, or pieces we've inherited, or "treasures" from a garage or estate sale.  Often these furnishings are solid and well made - unlike a lot of today's pieces - but they look dated.  As long as the shape is pleasing, we can transform a piece into a treasured heirloom.  Or, maybe you have new pieces of furniture that need a different color or made to look old and worn:  we can help!


Curio cabinet has a new look

New soft color

Beautiful foyer piece with textured gold

Bold, painted furniture makes a ho hum piece stand out

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